Paintings (2019 – Present)

A collection of paintings created using acrylics. Personal work and some commissions.

Murals (2022 – Present)

Murals created for the City of Toronto’s “StArt” Program (Street Art Toronto). I created beautiful, fun and colourful murals using acrylic and spray paint.

Digital Illustrations (2019 – Present)

A collection of personal work, commissions, as well as projects created for Seneca College’s Illustration Program. Created using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate.

Littleton Public School Board – Mental Health Project (2023)

Illustrated for a project for Littleton Public Schoolboard in Littleton, Colorado, USA. The style is simple, fun, and appropriate for elementary – high school ages. The character is non-gendered so as not to exclude any student. For this project, DLYMI asked me to produce a series of illustrations in a fun, doodle-like style which could easily be handed off to their animator. I worked alongside several people with various storyboarding and concept work in order to produce dozens of illustrations which could be used across multiple different lessons.

“As We Are” (App) – Concept Art Project (2023)

Illustrated various concept art as well as rendered finished illustrations for an app a client was looking to produce. The characters needed to be whimsical in a painterly style, and reminiscent of traditional Chinese mythological creatures. I worked closely with team members to create beautiful and thoughtful art which they could use for the first round of development for their app.