Teefies Vampire Cat Patch

$5.25 CAD

Look at them fangs! Teefies Vampire Cat Patch, purr-fect for Halloween & spooky merch lovers!

Black screenprint on cotton canvas

Printed in my awesome little screenprinting studio on medium weight cotton, these patches have been heat-cured so they are washer & dryer safe! However, it’s always recommended to wash in the cold water setting to increase the longevity of the patches.

Patches are hand-cut, and therefore can vary slightly in size or look slightly different than the product photo. Edges are not finished, so for sewing on jackets/pants/totes etc. I do recommend sewing on with a straight stitch around the border, and a zig-zag stitch around the edges (unless you prefer the punk-y frayed look!).

Please note, the white ink on my black patches cures to an off-white (greyish) colour due to the curing process.


3.25 x 3.5 inches (size varies slightly)
Black screenprint on cotton canvas
Medium weight
Unfinished edges

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