Pretty exciting, huh? Here’s a photo of my kitty Luna as a treat:

Since you’re here, I’ll explain the name Mooneyesart!

Back in 2013 I adopted a beautiful, shy, and sweet chonky girl. I named her Luna because I am really good at thinking of original cat names. Since she’s (mostly) all black, she would stare at me all the time with her HUGE round eyes, and I affectionately nicknamed her “Moon Eyes“. (Also, Moona, Lune, and big fat Moon cat).

So, when it came time for me to name my new Instagram art account, I decided on Mooneyesart. I would have gone with just ‘Moon Eyes’, but that’s an established IP of motorcycle gear (oops!).

Anyways, the name Mooneyesart kind of stuck with me, and I never got around to changing it, since it matched my art aesthetic so well.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little website! And have an awesome day! 💖