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For details on how to order a portrait, please see below.

✨ How it Works: 

Here are the steps you’ll take to order your very own custom watercolour portrait!

1. Choose a Size:

5 x 7 inches


– Budget-friendly

– For portraits with up to 3 people OR up to 4 pets

– Great size for single portraits

– simple colour wash or sparkle background ONLY


9 x 12 inches


– Perfect for big families

– For portraits with up to 6 people OR up to 8 pets

– Can include a more complex background


2. Add-Ons:

Simple Colour Wash Background

What is this? A simple colour wash is a light overlay of colour which can make the subjects ‘pop’. This is optional!

Cost: FREE!

– Any colour of your choosing

– Sparkles included

Detailed/Complex Background


A complex background can be a forest, tourist attraction, home, etc.

Cost: $20 CAD

– Can include scenery of your choosing

– Perfect to add a mood to your portrait!



3. Place Your Order & Send Me Photos:

After adding your portrait to the cart & checking out, please e-mail photos to me –

mooneyesart [at] icloud.com

If you are sending multiple photos (5+) and having trouble attaching them to your email, you can make an album/folder in iCloud or Google Photos and send me a link instead!

You can also click the button below to open up your preferred e-mail method:

4. Rough Sketch:

Within around 5 – 7 days after you’ve placed your order, I’ll e-mail you a rough sketch for your approval. If one or two revisions are needed, I can definitely accomodate. Extra revisions after 2 will be subject to additional fees.

5. Tracking & Delivery:

After I complete your portrait, I’ll e-mail you a scanned JPG which you can use on social media/your review. Once the portrait has been packaged up, you will receive a tracking number via e-mail. 

Leave a review!

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